Inflatable Billboard




Inflatable Billboards

Inflatable Billboards offer an unbeatable impact as well as deliver on the spot messages at any festival or trade show.

Every summer, many cities and towns all over Canada host festivals attracting millions of people offering incredible brand advertising opportunities.

Through the use of Inflatable Billboards, we are able to bring your brand message live at these festivals to be part of the experience in a huge and disruptive way


  • A high reach, high visibility option at crowded events/festivals
  • Strategically placed on-site at events for maximum attention
  • Bold, impactful and quick to inflate.
  • Allows brand to blend with the event experience of your target audience


  • Festivals
  • Trade shows
  • Concerts
  • Fashion shows
  • Sporting events
  • Conferences

Festival Partners

We have partnered with 50 organizers who manage and promote some of the largest music and  food festivals in Canada, with crowds in excess of 7 million people from June-September 2018

Proof of performance

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Ontario,Montreal ,Calgary & Vancouver

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Our festival packages are flexible and tailored to you, identifying the best opportunities for your brand and helping you to achieve your campaign objectives with ease