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Coffee Sleeve Advertising

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Who we are

Coffee sleeve advertising from Touch it Media puts your message in the hands of your target group!

Coffee breaks are ‘me time’ during the day when people grab a little luxury to indulge in before tackling their busy day.

Coffee sleeve advertising  is an innovative way to disrupt the
everyday coffee journey and capitalise on a break time frame of mind communicating one-to-one with
consumers grabbing their takeaway coffee to go.

Who we reach

  • 51% Female, 49% Male
  • Average Age 38
  • HHLD Income 46% $100,000+ and 21% $150,000+


  • Average time spent 67.8 min with each hot beverage
  • Exclusivity within cafés for the duration of your campaign
  • No waste: all sleeves printed will be distributed (used)


  • Geographic targeting
  • Coupon, Sampling, Specialty Die Cuts and Thermo Ink (Heat to Reveal)


  • 80% Unaided Recall
  • 72% drink hot beverages in cafes 3+ times weekly
  • 73% have their cup/sleeve in front of them when at a computer An average of 6 people will see each sleeve
  • 80% recalled seeing the ad when there was an offer
  • 84% women and 68% men more likely to try the product after seeing the ad
  • 54% agreed that it is a good way to learn about new products/events/services
  • 34% strongly agreed that coffee sleeves are more noticeable than other OOH ads


  • Third Party- 2014/2015
  • Major Market Independent Cafes
  • Sample Size 1,581 Exit Interviews

Proof of performance

Post Campaign report with photos, mapping and shipping manifests


  • Vancouver
  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • Winnipeg
  • Toronto
  • Ottawa
  • Montreal

Project Title

Canadians love coffee. Are you ready to be part of that ritual?

Let’s discuss more.