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Bar Runners

As unmissable as they are useful, Bar Runners are an impactful, cost- effective way to reach your target audience in a relaxed setting.

Bar Runners run along the bar providing a great opportunity to see them every time a client buys a drink. A high impact, front-of house advertising opportunity which functions well as a standalone medium.

Who we reach?

Nielsen studies show bar patrons have an average annual household income between $66,000 and $70,000. Bar patrons are 55 percent male and 45 percent female. 75 percent of them are ages 21-34, with 85 percent ages 21-49.


  • Attractive, eye-catching consumer touch points which dominate the bar
  • Reach audiences in a sociable setting, creating talkability
  • Promote mobile search & social media sharing
  • Can be used strategically to target by area, by brand or by audience

Proof of performance

  • Photos
  • Address of bars/pubs distributing your bar runner ads


Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton & Vancouver

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